About Us

Pantala is part thinktank and part consultancy, with the goal of rolling up our sleeves and working side by side with our clients. Pantala enables organisations and individuals to achieve sound, purposeful transformation to help leaders and organisations towards their preferred future.

A transformation can be merging, de-merging, restructuring, re-inventing, re-designing, updating technology, accessing a new market… there are many ways to engage in a transformational journey, and we want you to remember Pantala when you are ready to engage in a positive, purposeful and successful change.

Pantala’s aim is also to enable experienced specialists to work independently and together, under one umbrella. In addition to the team listed below, we are lucky to have great collaborators we can tap into for specific projects.

What does our practice look like? Well, we started the year with an incredible response from early clients and prospects, and we have many interesting projects in the pipeline. We are:

  • Preparing a proposal for an organisation with a large infrastructure to develop its “green” strategic plan.
  • Supporting the leadership team of a start-up NDIS provider in managing its amazing growth.
  • Concluding a project supporting a university with the promotion of its executive education program.
  • Coaching founders and professionals with results-focused approach that moves them towards their preferred future.

Please be in touch; We would love to know more about your projects and plans for 2019 and beyond. We would also be grateful if you could refer people within your network to Pantala if they would benefit from having a consultant, mentor or strategic partner. Every conversation is an exciting discovery and helps us better position Pantala so that we offer maximum value for our clients.

Our Team

Our Collaborators

Pantala works with the following collaborators to deliver complex and integrated solutions to our clients.

Our name

Pantala is a genus of dragonfly. The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolises change, the perspective of self-realisation, the evolution to mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

The dragonfly undergoes a series of moulting and stages in its lifecycle, evolving into an adult with an agile flight that exudes power and poise. The dragonfly can reach an amazing speed of 70 kilometres per hour, hover, fly backwards, fly straight up, down and on either side. It can do this while flapping its wings a mere 30 times per minute, while most other insects flap their wings 600 to 1000 times per minute.

The drangonfly's complex metamorphosis—its evolution into a powerful being—is the inspiration for the transformation philosophy adopted by Pantala.