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Enabling transformation projects

by offering a different perspective, an opportunity to challenge the status quo, collectively generating ideas, and collaborating to achieve the desired future.

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Pantala is committed to help leaders and organisations navigate the path to meaningful business improvement and transformation. We take a broad approach on how to deliver your project by focusing on intent, practice, trust, leadership and communication.


We will collaborate with you as an extension of your leadership team to advise, drive, mentor and support your transformation project. As an independent provider, you choose how much you want us to step in, or stand out, depending on how your project is progressing.

Change Agents

Renata Bernarde and her Associates are ex-CEOs and senior business transformation professionals who have worked across industries, markets and various business sizes, so we can support a wide range of transformation projects.

Our Services

We can support your business on a secondment as an interim leader, on a project as a trusted consultant or as an ongoing mentor. We also provide mentoring, coaching and networking for leaders who are going through a transformative phase in their careers.

Business Transformation

Generate ideas and find solutions for challenges in real time.
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Innovation Adoption

Understand disruption and adopt a method to navigate complexity.
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Mentoring Teams

Inspire teams with a focus on commitment and focus.
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Stakeholder Engagement

Innovate relationship management for a new business era.
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Mentoring and Coaching

Craft a program to suit your specific needs.
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Professional Networking

Supercharge your batteries and expand your network.
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