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What we do for our clients

At a time when businesses need to be dynamic and foresee a new future and purpose, we can step in to support you as contractors, consultants, and mentors, to help you transform your business. Here are some of the ways we can work with your organization:

Outplacement Solutions

Our corporate clients are large corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government departments that care deeply about their alumni and want to see them thrive in their careers. Our programs are scalable, successful, and efficient. Recruiters have coined the term "outplacement replacement" because professionals going through our programs speak so positively about their experiences.

Contact Renata Bernarde here to discuss how we can support you.

Career and Executive Coaching

Together we can craft a program to suit your specific needs, ranging from a couple of hours, day-long planning sessions, your first 90-days into a role or transition, or an ongoing engagement:

  • Support for the planning phase or for the duration of your project.

  • Access to a mentor during a crisis.

  • Helping you prepare for a big milestone, event, or transition.

Career Readiness Training

We provide mentoring, coaching, and networking for leaders, professionals, and postgraduate students going through career disruption and transformation. Our clients come from a broad range of backgrounds, from corporate professionals advancing or changing careers to business founders. We developed an online platform to teach the steps and frameworks for building great resumes and LinkedIn presence, job hunting with ease, succeeding in a new role, and achieving their career goals.

Contact us to craft a program just for you.

Team Mentoring and Coaching

We provide mentoring services that drive and inspire your important teams. Our focus is on quality and productivity, within a climate of commitment, flexibility, and continuous process improvement.

  • Help people make the transition from today to the future with minimal disruption.

  • Encourage insights, leading to a more robust vision and purpose.

  • Develop new approaches to sales, public relations, and business development.

  • Mentor and train a team of champions and advocates.

Individual and Group Strengths Assessment

We are a Global Partner for TalentPredixTM, a next-generation strengths assessment system that transforms the way you recruit, develop, and engage your people. Using business psychology we identify, develop and optimize people's talents and capabilities to build thriving, future-fit organizations. Talk to us if you want to:

  • Unleash extraordinary talent and thriving workplaces with the TalentPredixTM individual and team strengths assessments.

  • Improve the effectiveness of your leaders and managers with high-impact talent-assessment training.

  • Build peak-performing and inclusive teams that achieve extraordinary results.

  • Faster learning, adaptation, and upskilling by empowering your employees to achieve their full potential with our assessment solutions.

  • Improved employee self-mastery, collaboration, and initiative.

  • Meaningful career development and progression.

  • A thriving, great place to work and higher employee retention.

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